Monday, June 17, 2024

Eleventh sign of the zodiac.

Your element : Air
Your ruling planets: Saturn and Uranus
The tarot card corresponding to your sign : the Star.
Your Lucky color : Purple
Your stone : Black pearl

Like all air signs you are remarkably adaptable, as you like change, movement and novelty of all kinds. Your behavior may at times appear casual and unreliable and you may sometimes be accused of being elusive, but your principal characteristic is that of belonging to both Saturn and Uranus.

The first of these planets leads you to look to the past from which you have difficulty detaching yourself. You tend to dwell on past failures and, instead of drawing from them useful lessons for the future, you allow yourself to be dominated by regret. Uranus, on the other hand, gives you a certain originality, a taste for discovery and a capacity for taking chances.

Until this issue if resolved your main problem will be your tendency to look towards the past with consequent indecisiveness. You hesitate to take action and when you do it is often untimely. You hesitate between the desire to overthrow and change everything and that of preserving the status quo with the result that you may spend years wandering as much in your sentimental as in your material life.

Your relations with other signs:

You do not relate well with the earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. You have more in common with the water signs such as Scorpio and Cancer at the risk of serious tensions especially with Cancer.

You may have some intense relationships with Gemini but these will prove very difficult to maintain on a lasting basis.

This brief and simple analysis may help you in leading your everyday life. To know oneself enables one to maximize one's strong points and minimize one's weaknesses.

Successful people are often those who have consciously or unconsciously made the best of their gifts, assets and strengths whilst controlling their weaknesses.

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