Saturday, May 18, 2024

Fourth sign of the zodiac

Your element : water
Your ruling planet : The Moon
The corresponding tarot card to your sign : the Wagon
Your lucky color : blue
Your gemstone : turquoise

Water gave us life. It is for us all natural, indispensable and completely mysterious. Glimmering and teeming with invisible life, it seems inexhaustible. Like it, you can purify ; like it, you can drown. It is from the water element that your sign gets its extraordinary sensitivity and you, you are true to your sign : very, very sensitive !

Your two main qualities are sensitivity and imagination. These do not make life easy. It creates much tension for you and your world is the one of feelings. Everything has for you an important reverberation, (even with things which would pass unobserved by others. )

You see all ; you discern all ; you feel all. The good with joy and love, and the bad with often a certain sadness. Facing difficulties of existence, you are unarmed and sometimes alone. You suffer and you are easy target for those who want to give you pain.

From your leading planet the Moon, you inherited mood changes, (cf the expression lunatic!). Of course, you are not affected to this degree, and are rarely aggressive. Yet this tendency sometimes plays you tricks in your relations with those near to you, because others don't understand what makes your attitude change. They don't see the pain that they bring you and how you can be so susceptible.

From the Moon you inherited a very good trait, which you don't make use of sufficiently. Indeed, you have very powerful intuition. Yet instead of making use of this, you often have tendency to use reason instead, and not follow through on your 'hunches'. Thus, you let chances pass you by, especially with regard to possibilities of monetary gain.

With other signs:

Curiously, you have good relations with opposite signs, such as Leo or Aquarius. The first, with its impetuous and brilliant temperament will help you with your dreams. The second with its tranquility and quietness will soothe you. (This is provided that your ascendants agree. )

With Earth signs, there will always be the risk of your never really understanding each other. Be especially cautious of Gemini in romantic relationships, because your sensitivity will not mix with their changeableness.

This brief analysis can help you to lead your life more successfully. Learning about yourself allows you to benefit to the maximum from your strengths, and to minimize your weaknesses.

People that succeed their in their existence, often know consciously or unconsciously how to make the best use of their assets, their advantages and their strengths, while knowing how to control their weak points.

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