Thursday, July 18, 2024

Sixth sign of the zodiac

Your element: Earth
Your ruling planet: Mercury
Tarot card corresponding to your sign: The Hermit
Your lucky color: White
Your stone: Diamond

In your sign the Earth, the planet of solidity and realism, allies itself with Mercury to make Virgo the most balanced sign of the zodiac. But be careful - balance doesn't mean that there are no problems. Balance means rather that your problems rarely come from within yourself. Essentially, everything within you is moderation, sensitivity, stability, clarity, and fidelity.

From the Earth you inherit your stability and your fidelity. You have a sense of what's real. You know what suits you, you have a precise and clear idea of your character and of your faults. From Mercury you have received a great talent for logic and clarity. You think things through a lot, particularly before acting. You do not like adventures, the unknown, and the unstable, especially in human relationships and your emotional life.

This makes you someone who is particularly helpless when faced with the frivolity, infidelity and inconstancy of others. You suffer when other people betray you, or are unfaithful or deceitful. If on the other hand you feel yourself to be confident, popular, and well loved, you are capable of great generosity and of giving enormously of yourself and don't think of anything except of giving, offering, of covering with attentions and favors. In these cases, others take advantage of you and you recover with difficulty from a great deception, with wounds that are difficult to heal. You nevertheless know how to give of yourself to others without letting it go too far.

Your relations to the other signs:

Your temperament pushes you to get along with any sign, although some of them will later prove to be dangerous for you. This isn't a reason to avoid them, but being aware will help you to avoid unpleasantness. Therefore you should be careful of Leo, Geminis, and above all of Libras, who can lure you in with their charm and their originality.

You will be able to appreciate certain Tauruses, who may share your taste for stability but who will always be trying to gain control over you. Be careful with Scorpios - avoid their tendency to complicate emotional relations and to cause suffering for pleasure.

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