Thursday, July 18, 2024

Ninth sign of the zodiac

Your element: Fire
Your ruling planet: Jupiter
Tarot card corresponding to your sign: Temperance
Your lucky color: Cobalt Blue
Your stone: Sapphire

Like the other signs of Fire, your sign attracts others. If everything is going well in your life, and sometimes even in spite of problems, you have a gift for smiling, for gaiety, and for conviviality.

From your ruling planet Jupiter you have inherited a great potential for luck. Your intuition is very strong; you get this from the animal portion of your emblem: the centaur. The centaur has the body of an animal and the head of a man. Symbolically, the animal aspect represents intuition. This intuition should lead you towards good fortune, guide you in your choices, and bring you to people who are positive influences on you. It should give you the skill of rapid and fair decision-making, a flair for that which can do you good, and an almost animal-like suspicion of that which can do you harm.

Unfortunately, the head represented by the human part of the centaur too often gets the upper hand over intuition. You hesitate, you doubt, you think too much. Sometimes you even fear getting too involved, and you become distrustful for no reason. Therefore you let a great deal of good fortune pass you by, whether it be in the emotional or material realm. You know that when a chance comes by it's absolutely necessary to seize it immediately. You often regret your hesitations.

Your relations to the other signs:

It's possible to get along well with Capricorns. There is sexual attraction with Scorpios but these relationships may be risky. It is difficult for you to understand Geminis, and passion or rejection are the two forms of romantic relations between your two signs.

You can relate well to Tauruses as long as your intuition is active and brings gaiety to the relationship. Contact with Pisces is difficult. You can live happy moments with Leos, but be careful of superficial friendships and of disenchantment.

This short, unassuming analysis can help you to better conduct your existence. To learn to know yourself better allows you to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

The people who succeed in life are often those who know consciously or unconsciously to make the most of their talents, their advantages, and their strengths, while understanding how to maintain control over their weaknesses.

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