Sunday, May 19, 2024

Twelfth sign of the zodiac.

Your element: water
Your planet: Neptune
The tarot card corresponding to your sign: The moon
Your lucky color: Blue
Your gemstone: Aquamarine

Like others of your sign your inner life is intense, your imagination is very strong and your subconscious strongly influences your daily life. You feel things very deeply and your sensitivity makes you notice that which others might miss. This leads you at times to be susceptible and can create problems with people who do not understand your point of view.

You feel joy and sorrow deeply. Your childhood memories marked you for life. You dream a lot and your dreams are so vivid that you are impressed by their apparent reality. Jupiter and Neptune influence you in opposite ways as one leads you towards social activity and other towards the inner life and a desire for some isolation. This can cause you difficulty in taking timely action. You often act when it is too late and the consequent failures are painful to you as you are far from thoughtless.

What great dreams and aspirations you have! Your sign is that of the greatest sensitivity; that of dreams which become reality, of deep longings and of tales which come true.

Your great intuitiveness is perhaps the strongest of any in the signs of the zodiac. You sometimes feel that some of your dreams will come true and this may in fact happen..

Your relations with other signs of the zodiac:

You tend to seek out the more dynamic signs such as the Aries, Taurus, Scorpios and Capricorns although these may at times harm you.

You are one of the rare signs who can tolerate for any length of time the air signs: Aquarius, Libra and above all Gemini on condition you can take much upon yourself which will not always be positive. You may have valid and lasting relationships, despite certain obstacles, with those born under the sign of Cancer.

This brief and simple analysis may help you to better lead your life. To know oneself makes it possible to maximize one's strong points and minimize one's weaknesses.

Successful people are often those who have consciously or unconsciously made the best of their gifts, assets and strengths while at the same time controlling their weaknesses.

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